Michelle DuPont

Designer, Graphic Artist, Maker


I am a designer and graphic artist with a passion for floral/food styling, and photography. In addition to working as a set designer, I have run my own event planning and floral arts company while collaborating with other business owners to develop their branding and visual presence. The breadth of my experience has allowed me to cultivate my skills in nearly every medium: painting, drawing, website design, sculpture, interior design and landscape design.


How do you want the world to perceive you, your company, and your product? My goal is to help you translate your vision so that it achieves maximum impact. I love working collaboratively. I also have a thirst for creation and experimentation while my pragmatic side is happy to work within your needs and budget.


Proficient in: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Muse, Edge, Dreamweaver,

Color Managment for monitors and In-house printers for proofing (Epson, Canon).


Fluent: German and English






















Client List


Arsenal FX

Atilier Lapchi

Beast Editorial


The Branding Hive

EAT Marketplace

Greenleaf Assoc.

Harvest 2 U

Jigsaw Editorial

Langham Inc





Leo Burnett

Luxuria Music

Machine Head



Skinny Studio

Sorra Colective


Wheres the boards

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